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At Dakin Funeral Home you make the choice that best fits your family’s needs.

Our traditional services includes visitation where family and friends come to pay their respect and share memories with the family of the deceased and the funeral service at either the funeral home, church, graveside or any place the family chooses.

A traditional service can include such things as basic service of the funeral director and staff, embalming, other preparation of the body, facilities and staff for viewing, equipment and staff for services, transfer of remains to the funeral home, hearse and service utility vehicle. Other service that our funeral home does for the family is securing and obtaining certified  copies of the death certificate, writing and submitting obituaries to area newspapers, arranging church and clergy services, arranging for the opening and closing of the cemetery grave lot, and obtaining necessary state permits.

Our funeral home also provides many services and merchandise to you such as special accommodations to your family during visiting hours, access to the obituary over the home’s website and religious candles and crosses to name a few.

Modified funeral services include parts of a traditional service that a family deems appropriate without a traditional funeral service such as having visiting hours without a funeral service or having a funeral service without visiting hours. Families may celebrate the life of the deceased by creating a highly personalized service in which family and friends control its contents with memories and stories.

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Dakin CReamation services

We provide families who select cremation with the same variety of choices that are part of the traditional interment: memorial services, gatherings, visitation and whatever best fits your family’s needs.

For the convenience of the families that we serve who desire cremation our funeral home has designed some cremation options. They are designed to assist you and your family when planning final disposition by cremation.

The local crematory requires the use of an alternative container for handling and placement of a deceased person at the crematory. We offer a choice as to the type of cremation container you    would like to be used. These range from a simple container to those that more closely resemble a very simple casket. When the cremation process is complete, you may choose to keep the cremated remains in a beautiful urn and our funeral home has a fine selection to choose from. Within the categories listed below, there are a number of choices available to meet your family’s needs.

1. Traditional Funeral Service with the cremation following the service.
2. Funeral Home/Church service with or without the cremains present at the service.
3. Direct Cremation.

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Pre-Plan funeral arrangements

Many people today make their own prearrangements. This can be done in a very simple format or in detail, whichever is your preference. It is always advisable to encourage family participation at this time as the decisions and options that you are choosing for yourself will undoubtedly affect those who survive you. The prearrangements will give you time to think and plan under relaxed circumstances. It is truly an expression of love for those you will someday leave behind. Many of us try to make it easier for our survivors by planning for major events in our lifetime like births, weddings, retirement, so why shouldn’t we make it easier for the entire family by planning our final services.

You can discuss details such as where you want your funeral, options of burial or cremation, what type of casket you want, choices of cemetery lots, music, flowers and any other details you want to arrange. You can ask as many questions as you want and explore all the various options open to you at the Dakin Funeral Home.

You may choose to pre-pay or pre-finance your arrangements through a lump sum or installment payments. The advantage of paying the entire amount upfront is that you are paying for your funeral ahead of time. Installment payments allow you the option of paying over time. This fund will earn interest and may help with the rate of inflation.

To get started please complete the PRE-PLANNING FORM to the best of your knowledge. This is not a finalized preplanned funeral, it is only a worksheet that will begin the process. We recommend that a meeting be scheduled with us at the Dakin Funeral Home to explore the many options and cost of a funeral.



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Dakin Funeral monuments

As part of our comprehensive services at the Dakin Funeral Home we offer advice and help in selecting a cemetery marker/monument to be place on your loved ones cemetery lot.

We can even help you duplicate an existing family marker/monument. Be sure to inquire about the many choices available.  

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